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How to hold a true love doll?  
by   kate lu

The two most common ways to carry a realistic sex doll are bridal carry or bear hug. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Carrie the Bride is easy to pick her up and go, but the love dolls arms, legs and head love to grab everything in its path. Also, your back is stiff because your weight is on the front of your body. The bear hug puts her weight next to her body, but if she starts sliding off your body, it can damage a large boob, and her paws will hang in your way, if she has one . Both neck bolts can be hooked while standing. Now, what if you could combine the two and get the best of both worlds? Place the doll next to the bed and raise its arms. Then sit her down and put her arms around her shoulders. Then place your hand behind her back and the other under her thigh. Then hug her tightly, but leave a little room for her breasts. So most of the weight is on the arms under her legs, but some is still on her back. Also, the legs are close to the body but do not interfere with walking. Also, the arms and head are close to the body, equal to the body weight. Now you can carry her the full distance without getting caught, and you can see when you're hanging on a stand or hook You can move your back up to help guide your body The problem with chairs is uneven surfaces, from carpet to hardwood floors. Plus, they take up space, and removing a sex doll from a wheelchair isn't good for your back. It is easier for the cheapest sex doll to use the motorcycle upright and can be used on stairs. We also believe that you don't have to rest your arms on your shoulders. If she happens to be limp, you can put it on your lap.