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Quartz - The Most Wide Variety of Gem stones  
by   frontspace74

Quartz is probably the most abundant materials on this planet. Chemically it is known as Silicon Di Oxide or SiO2. Even though it is mostly renowned being a materials in jewelry, it really sees used in various applications which range from Scientific to Defense and Commercial. Quartz is a relatively hard Gemstone and ranks 7 about the Mohs Scale.

Being a piezoelectric substance (meaning that it moves under the influence of electricity), it can be heavily utilized in electrical and communication applications like Radios and Oscillators. Quartz found a mainstay usage in the watch industry for the potential to deal with weathering.

In popular culture, Quartz can often be depicted like a colorless crystal in pyramidal shapes as well as sized; however many people are not aware the truth that many of the very popular gemstones like Amethysts and even Citrine are in fact types of Quartz. While Quartz in the pure form is actually colorless, when it is found with some other minerals, it can attain spectacular colors starting from pink to green and yellow.

Amethyst, which is the purple variety of Quartz, is by far the most popular stone inherited. Its purple color is perfect on Silver jewelry and is very fashionable. Its color will be the result of a good a trace amount of iron content from the Quartz. The larger the presence of iron the harder purplish hue the Amethyst will have. The purple colour of the Amethyst has fascinated the royalties of numerous countries around the world who may have tried it of their robes, head gears and battle armor.

Amethyst is often heated to alter its color to yellow thus which makes it Citrine. Citrine, which is another various Quartz is harder to get than Amethyst so it's manufactured this way. Actually Citrine can be sometimes known as "Cooked Amethyst" amongst jewelry circles. Sometimes individuals will confuse Citrine for Topaz which share similar colors however both are different chemically. Citrine gets its name through the word - "Citrus" utilized for Lemon simply because of its resemblance to the fruit.

Their list in the number of quartz goes on, other famous varieties of Quartz range between Rose Quartz that includes a pink color to Smoky Quartz that includes a dark grey color. Quartz, being just about the most popular gemstones available is constantly dominate the jewellery and commercial market for many years to come thanks to its diverse application.

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