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How Google Will Rate Your Site  
by   ChambersGormsen58


Search Engine Optimisation should be a major part of any online businesses marketing strategy. The fact is that nowadays search engines are the first port of call for online shoppers and resultant businesses are forced to optimise to fit these engines. This applies in particular to Google due to their overwhelming market share. But how does Google go about measuring the value of sites.
Well, first and foremost comes great content. That is the foundation on which Google wants the internet to be built. It makes sense to as the most valuable sites are those with worthwhile content. That's what draws people in and gets links to your site.
Backlinks are a very good measure of your sites strength. The better your site the more people will post links to your site from other sites. Google values your site partly based on the number of these links your site has and the value of the sites providing them.
Another measure is the number of indexed pages. This once again is based on your content as the more good content you have on more pages the more pages Google is likely to index. For this it is important to have your site well organised and possibly invest some time in developing a blog.
Other than these factors which take considerable time and effort, there is one area where you can almost instantly improve the quality and Google's view of your site. This is done through onsite work, whereby you fix certain elements such as the title, URL, description and header tags so that they accurately represent your site. In doing this you make it easier for Google and users to determine what your site is all about making it more reliable and potentially higher ranked in search engines.
Of course once you get your site highly ranked it's still down to you to ensure that your site is consistently providing quality content as well as being reliable. Security is always vital and you might want to consider employing a money transfer service. This will allow you to process each credit card transaction more efficiently.
As a result of adjusting your site and ensuring it is effectively optimised for quality you will find that you can boost your rankings in Google and hopefully bring in more customers.

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