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Google and the Outlawed Purchasing of Links  
by   ChambersGormsen58


Every body who is related to or works within the link building industry will know about the issue about buying text links and other forms of links to improve your pagerank and listings within the serp's. If you do not know then I will explain Google has started to impede the websites that are selling link ads, high pagerank directories and other websites that are in effect helping to manipulate the results in the serp's. For sometime now (until recently that is) it was possible to purchase very high pagerank links by using not your company name but your actual keyword as the link (known as Anchor text) This proves very effective for getting your website to the top of the SE's and for this reason Google has started to penalise websites that sell these links. So over the last 2 pagerank updates we have seen a large decline in high PR directories some lost there pagerank all together and others were reduced from scores of 6 out of 10 to 3 and 4 out of 10 and so on. In some ways this is a very good method for making a level playing field in the world of SEO. The main problem now for many SEO companies is where they are able to get there links from. Many SEO companies used to charge their clients a large fee in which some of that money was used to purchase high pagerank links. Now they are stuck because these links are slowly being eradicated and not only that if you do reside in purchasing links you are setting the site up for a chance where it could possibly become penalised along with the website that is selling the link. The problem we all have is that the idea in regards to linking purposes is the fact that you are supposed to create a superb website with plenty of good content so people will link to your website because of the quality it offers. But let's put this to into perspective, I create the best website you have ever seen and daily add the best written content that has ever been written. Now then you know my website is high quality but I need relevant links, so let's say the most relevant links are ones in my own industry. But who in their right minds in my industry is going to link their websites to my own. They will then be in fear that my website will rank better than their own and that is definitely a big no to other websites as they do not want to create further competition. The next problem, obviously then no one is likely to link to my website in my industry, so next I need to find websites that are the same theme. Again it is very unlikely they are going to link their website to mine without something in return no matter how impressive my site is. So we have to look at other methods of being able to get relevant links. The next method without purchasing links is to trade links through the form of a reciprocal link. Although reciprocal links do not provide as much wait in value to websites as a backward link they are still a good way of getting a good relevant link. But again Google through its godliness has decided that again reciprocal links are not correct for their search engine and now I have seen many websites links pages become grey barred and have no visible pagerank. So in reality the most fundamental method that is supposed to gain you good links through my impressive website will not come into effect, also I cannot reciprocate with relevant websites, I cannot purchase links so where do I go next? Although this issue is a pressing issue there are still many other methods such as Blogs, Articles, Social bookmarking and many more methods that can are effective at getting you good rankings. The problem is though how long will these methods be effective with Google deeming that many of these aspects of link building are incorrect and will be soon become outlawed by Google.

Terry Metcalfe writting for Fresh SEO providing Website Optimization and Website Marketing for small to medium enterprises looking to gain a foothold within the major search engines.