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How Search Engines Work - How Do I Get On Page One Of Google For Free  
by   ChambersGormsen58


Appearing on page one of Google can drive you a tremendous amount of traffic to your website. To really know how to appear on this page, you need to understand how Google works:
There Are Two Ways of Getting Traffic
- Using search engines optimization (SEO)
- NOT using SEO (using forum, list swaps, or classified ads, content distribution...)
How Does Google Works?
Google ranks individual pages, not your website as a whole! This means that a website could have a hundred of individual pages, and what would happen is Google would read each pages of this website, and depending on a different number of factors, this will determine if that particular page turns up when somebody conducts a search in Google.
When you type in keywords on the Google search bar, you get results known as S.E.R.P's (standing for Search Engine Result Page) Two different results appears:
- The paid advert results: On the top of the page, and on the right hand side are the "pay-per-click advertising". People pay a certain amount of money, but they don't pay money for the ad to appear, they only pay when somebody clicks on the ad... It is paid traffic.
Fact: 1% to 2% of visitors click on the right hand side links, and only 4% to 6% click on the top links.
- The free organic results: All the other results appearing on the page - They are links to pages of main websites. If you appear on page one on Google, on the S.E.R.P's, you will get a lot of traffic.
Fact: 10 to 30% click on the organic result.
How Do I Get On Page One Of Google in The Organic Results For Free?
It can be relatively easily done, but you need to know what Google wants: They want to look after their customers, they want their experience to be the best possible. They want us (their customers) to trust them!! And we do trust them because they make sure that when we conduct a search at Google, the results that are shown are pertinent to our search request.
What happens is Google have their own setup algorithms for deciding what shows up when we type in a search. Now there are a few factors that determines this algorithm but the MAIN elements that Google looks for are:
- Contents
- Back-links - A webpage with many links to it from another webpage - If the referring site is a popular site, then even more credibility can it gives you!
If you want to get traffic to your squeeze page, you have to realize that a squeeze page is not full of content, all you are trying to do is building your list. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but in Google's eyes, it is not particularly great and so guess what...
So if Google doesn't like squeeze page, they are not going to rank it in the first place: Your squeeze page will not appear in the search engine results pages - It simply won't!
But don't worry because here is how you can appear on page one: Remember Google loves contents - Content is King and therefore one way to appear on page one of the search engine pages at Google is to write a keywords rich article, and then give this article to a popular article directory.
When you do so, you are now on a page at this popular website and remember Google rank pages. So the key is to have an article accepted on a very popular site with lots of back links - lots of contents.
Google loves that website - And because you have got an article on that website - You are kind of swept along with their success - And when somebody types in your keywords, then your article will appear on page one!!
Your squeeze page is never going to appear, ever, in the search engine result pages but an article must certainly could if you choose a good keyword - This is how search engine works - And how you can appear on page one of Google...