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How To Find Long Tail KeyWords  
by   ChambersGormsen58


When it comes to online marketing and making money online in general, knowing "How To Find Long Tail Keywords" is the key to success, regardless of whether or not your new to internet marketing or an experienced internet marketer.
What are Long Tail Keywords & How can I benefit from them?
Keywords are basically "Words" or "Phrases" that the search engines (such as Google, Yahoo! & Bing) use in order to send us Free Traffic to our websites or affiliate offers. And the major benefit for us in finding long tail keywords which are easy to rank for means tons of organic traffic from the search engines for FREE! And this is not just some one off traffic, but its on going traffic to our websites or affiliate offers for years to come.
The biggest mistake that most new internet marketers make today, is that they try to go after to high competition keywords, which are nearly impossible to rank for. Therefore they waste tons of time and even money and see no online profits for their marketing efforts.
The beauty of knowing How To Find Long Tail Keywords, is that even though the monthly search volume for these particular keywords or keypharses may be lower, you will find that there is far less competition (if any at all) and you have a great chance of ranking very high for them very quickly.
You see finding lots of these long tail keywords with are a lot easier to rank for within the search engines, is much more beneficial and profitable for us. And this is the difference between those who actually make money online and those who don't make a dime.
And from experience I can tell you that you won't find many of the big internet guru's out there going after or even trying to rank for these high competition keywords, as they know its a complete waste of time & effort.
A typical long tail keyword is anywhere between 3 to 5 words long, and is a very specific type of phrase. One of the major benefits of us targeting a particular long tail keyword, is the fact that most people who hit the search engines and search for these particular phrases are at the end of the decision making process and are just looking for some confirmation before they actually reach for their wallets and make their purchase, which will result in a nice little commission for you.
Its a well tried and proven fact the people who search within the search engines for these long tail keywords will actually complete their purchase, therefore resulting in a much higher conversion rate for you and more online commissions for you bank accounts.
Over the last 4 years I've tried many different methods and tools to help me find these profitable long tail keywords, some worked very well for me and some not so well. But thankfully now I'm all sorted on this end, and have no issues any more when it comes to finding them.
Feel free to checkout my blog and see exactly how I find these long tail keywords and exactly how to profit from them. So here's to your online success...

My personal blog details the Methods & Tools I use to help me make my money online. And I feel that I'm one of the lucky ones who actually makes a decent monthly income online. Feel free to drop by and see how I do it and leave a comment.