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Air System Products Is The Best In Condensate Management  
by   braincelery1

The story is all too common. If, due to the pipe layout, this steam cannot be displaced, it will prevent the condensate that is forming upstream of the steam reaching the drain valve, which therefore remains closed, and hence the condensate is not discharged, or rather it is not discharged until, in time, the steam in the steam lock condenses and the drain valve opens again.
Irrespective of the reason why the sump water backs up (primary sump failure, power outage, check valve failure, or excessive water condensate drain system flow from a storm) the battery backup system will activate and eject the water out of the home instead of flooding the basement.

When the ECO-DRAIN's capacitive level sensor reports attainment of the maximum condensate level, its intelligent control electronics open and close the valve diaphragm at precisely the right times - discharging collected condensate with zero compressed air loss - which, of course, saves energy.
One or more service reservoir systems, from which air is delivered to the brake chambers, and either an automatic condensate drain valve for each service reservoir or a supply reservoir between the service reservoir system and the source of air pressure.

No matter how much you spend on that fancy new compressed air system, VFD'S pin-stripes and flashing lights notwithstanding, not spending a little effort with your drain choice could cause you no end of headaches and increased operating costs for years to come.
Do not try to outsmart this advice by putting check valves in the drain lines. Install the horizontal pipeline with a slight downward slope on both sides of the valve for condensate drainage. Drains can be found on an intercooler, aftercooler, filter, dryer, receiver, drip leg, or at point of use.
1 consists of an electrical sensing probe 20 inserted in a condensate drain line 21 of the steam system upstream of a solenoid operated condensate drain valve 22 and so as to be electrically insulated from the wall of the drain line. As the condensate level drops, the magnet moves away and the valve closes again.

Automatic drains remove condensed liquid - usually a mixture of water and compressor lubricant — from compressed air systems. There is likely to be different pressures at these two points and because air will take the path of least resistance, the lower pressure side will not get drained.
These valves have a simple construction and operate using a float type system. Liabilities- Whenever the air handling unit of an air conditioning system is located in an attic or the upper stories of a building, the risk of water damage due to drain stoppage and condensate overflow is inherent and unavoidable.
Exactly for the reduction of such malfunctions GESTRA has developed a self-operated pressure-controlled AK automatic start-up condensate drain valve. There are 180 condensate drain valve suppliers, mainly located in Asia. Major Electronix handles the line of condensate drain valves from Jorc.