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Chemical Screening Of Urine By Reagent Strip  
by   braincelery1

Opiates are one of the most addictive drugs with analgesic and sedative effects. These urinalysis test strips, URS-K (Ketones) URS-3 (Glucose, Protein, pH) and URS-10 (Glucose, Protein pH, Leukocytes, Nitrites, Ketones, Bilirubin, Blood, Urobilinogen, and Specific Gravity) and URS-UTI (leukocytes and Nitrite) are simple, easy to use reagent strips for the detection of key diagnostic chemical markers in human urine.
There have been no studies to date that have evaluated the diagnostic accuracy of point-of-care P:C ratio strip tests in ruling in or ruling out proteinuria. Urinalysis is used to detect urinary tract infections and urinalysis reader other disorders of the urinary tract. Changes in color after 1 minutes are of no diagnostic value.Please read the result of analysis according to the given time which is noted on the color chart of the bottle.

Test strips are a type of diagnostic devices used primarily in Point of Care (PC) and for the effective and rapid diagnosis of multiple health disorders such as liver disease, kidney diseases, diabetes test, urinary tract infection (UTI), ophthalmic disease, among others.
Thus, the sensitivity and specificity of urine rK-39 was found 95% (95% CI: 88.2-98.1) and 93.3% (95% CI: 84.5-97.5), respectively, considering the serum rK-39 test result as the gold standard (Table 1 ). Kappa coefficient (κ) for the urine rK-39 strip test was found 0.88.

What you don't know is that through April 30, 2011, you can get our lowest pricing on the analyzer, and the special lower-price also includes a bottle of CT900-10 Ten Parameter Urine Reagent Test Strips The CT-120 conveniently performs 60 tests per hour in single mode and 120 tests per hour in continuous mode.
0045先将HCG抗原标准品稀释,配置成系列浓度标准品,将试纸条标记MAX线的一端浸入所述标准品,液面不得超过MAX线,待样本上到硝酸纤维素膜时,将试纸放平,反应完毕后,利用像素分析软件分析一系列试纸条上的C和T两个条带,模拟出与C和T两个色素相同的两个红色条带,从而得出一系列HCG标准品浓度的标准比色卡。 0045 The first diluted antigen standard HCG configured into a series of standard concentration, marking an end of the strip is immersed in the MAX line of standards, the level should not exceed MAX line, the sample to be nitrocellulose film, the flat strip, after the completion of the reaction by-pixel analysis software series C on a test strip and two bands T, T, and C simulate the two red dye two identical strips, to arrive at a HCG series of standard concentrations than the standard color card.
Urine strip tests have been used for many years in the physician's office and hospital clinic as first-line measures of the presence of proteinuria, in order to detect chronic kidney disease (CKD), while proteinuria is also an associated independent indicator of risk for cardiovascular disease.

Treatment monitoring with the aid of urine test strips allows a health professional to check on the results of the prescribed therapy, and if necessary to introduce any changes into the course of therapy. MDMA drug abuse can be identified using urine drug testing method.
High levels of protein in urine, known as proteinuria, can be caused by conditions such as heart failure, diabetes, inflammation of the renal pelvis, urinary tract infections, kidney disease or kidney cancer. The test will be then used to get a rough estimation of the glucose levels in the blood, or commonly known as blood sugar.