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Systems For Filter Rod Making  
by   braincelery1

Cylinders & Valves, Inc. 19 The tow is packaged and shipped to cigarette manufacturers where it is machined into a continuous tube of cellulose acetate foam the diameter of a cigarette and cut into segments before being treated and affixed to the cigarette, an elaborate mechanical process that took years to perfect.
本实用新型的有益效果为:技术方案简单实用,采用复合技术在香烟嘴棒的适当位置设置一段中空部分,在保持烟草原有口味的基础上,对于降低吸阻,减少焦油、烟气烟碱含量效果显著。 The utility model has the advantages of: simple and practical technical solution, using composite technology cigarette filter rod section is provided in place of the hollow portion, while maintaining the original taste of the tobacco, reducing the resistance to draw, reduced tar, nicotine smoke the content of the effect is significant.
3. The monitoring and diagnostic system of claim 1 wherein some of said parameters are indicative of the operating status of elements of said cigarette filter rod machine and others of said parameters are related to characteristics of materials that are processed in the machine to form said filter rods.

In one series of tests, Celanese researchers ‘found no significant difference in carbon monoxide yield between filtered and unfiltered cigarettes', while ‘hydrocarbons were found in essentially equivalent amounts in the fourth puff coming from unfiltered, (cellulose) acetate filter, and charcoal filter cigarettes'.
Aside from the 1957 Blatnik report, which targeted the industry's misleading marketing claims about filtered cigarettes, there was a lack of visible media and scientific criticism that may have helped to counter the public's ignorance throughout the 1950s and early 1960s.

The apparatus has an elastic sleeve arrangement for receiving therewithin the entire length of a filter rod, and is adapted to encapsulate the filter rod by close sealing adherence to and predetermined compression of the circumferential surface of the filter rod and thereby form a substitute profile on the profile of the filter rod, the substitute profile providing a reference surface to be measured.
MacRae went on to say that, ‘since (our) polyfiber possesses an exceedingly high surface to mass ratio and the product is in physical form which might lend itself readily to being formed into a cigarette filter, it is our thought that this product might be of interest to you for your work in filter investigations'.
My invention thus concerns a method by which substantially true pressure drop measurement of nonwrapped and soft wrapped filter rods may be determined when the circumference of the filter rods is compressed for such measurement by an encapsulation method or procedure.

The utility model belongs to the tobacco product technological art, more particularly relates to a cigarette filter element featured of the structure, comprising a mouth bar filter element, a mouth bar paper pipe coiling layer and a water loose paper pipe layer, wherein the mouth bar paper pipe coiling layer embraces the mouth bar filter element, the water loose paper pipe layer embraces the mouth bar paper pipe coiling layer, a hollowed part is equipped between two filter elements, and at least one portion of the mouth bar filter element is a hollowed part.
Yuri Gagarin Plc offers a wide range of mono-acetate and combined cigarette filters which can be of different length, diameter, ventilation, pressure drop and segmentation according to customer requirements. However, Eastman Kodak and Celanese dominate the patent record during these years, especially regarding large-scale production designs for filtered cigarettes.