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Business MBA Assignment Help On Recruitment Methods in British Airways   
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It is the belief of BA that their human resource contributes majorly in success of the company. Human resource of BA helped the company in overcoming from the various critical situation and circumstances. Main objective of British Airways HR department is to create the motivated and competitive environment. BA makes timely changes in their recruitment methods in order to have more talented employees. In order to motivate the employees BA has adopted the special remuneration program and shares the profit of company with the employees (British Airways 2011). In order to recruit employees, BA uses the advertisement method for doing external recruitment. BA places the advertisement in newspaper; magazines etc. and also give job description in the advertisement. BA has used the some recruitment agencies for doing the recruitment of suitable candidates. These agencies provide the information regarding the suitable candidates to the British Airways. College Assignment Help Further BA has developed the quality standards for the recruitment marketing team. Training and learning programs have been conducted for the marketing teams in order to meet organization demand for skilled labours. Further, BA has adopted several strategies for retaining and attracting the skilled employees. BA has introduced certain courses for providing training and development programs to the various people. Offering certain courses helps BA in identifying and making difference between the skilled and unskilled people and provide direct placement to them within the organization (McCourt and Eldridge 2003). Get Assignment Help