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Aloke Kumar Paul
( India )

Mixed Media; Painting

Aloke Kumar Paul - aloke kumar paul  Mixed Media, Painting

Aloke Kumar Paul, BFA from College of Visual Arts, has staged four Solo exhibitions viz, 2008: The Fragmented Traditions, Kolkata; 2007: Inspiring Humanity in Spirituality Canvas , Kolkata; 2006: Exploring Spiritual Rhythm, Kolkata;2004: Spiritual Lane, Kolkata. He has also participated in several group exhibitions in different places in India and abroad. Son of a farmer in Dakshin Kashipur, South 24 parganas, Aloke Kumar Paul took up painting as a profession at a very early age and has struggled a long way to establish himself as an artist.

Aloke Kumar Paul’s painting Concert Party, 6ft x 3ft in dimension, was selected by the Olympic Fine Art Committee 2008. Music always resonates in human minds. With a musical instrument in the core, this painting shows overwhelming influence of music in the minds of people regardless of the geographical barriers. Music breaks the limitation of language evoking boundless ecstasy in human minds. The rhythm and colour in the painting are inspired by puppetry and folk culture which he has cherished all through his imagination. Aloke Kumar Paul, primarily folk artists, portrayed the features of puppets in this painting. When puppets are gradually loosing its popularity in this age of globalization. Aloke’s initiative to capture the impressions of puppets through painting is laudable. The distinctive feature of long nose, broad eyes, typical colourful dress which are conspicuous in puppet forms have a strong presence in the rhythm of this painting. Working in the mixed medium, the artist has used dry pastel, chinese ink, oil, acrylic and charcoal in this works of arts.

The painting has already been displayed in the Olympic Fine Art Exhibition’08 held in Beijing from 11th August this year. The artist was specially invited to participate in the exhibition where he was honoured as an Excellent Artist Of The World, a rare distinction in lifetime .


aloke kumar paul

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