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Mirza Ajanovic
( United States )

Photography; Print



Title   Born to See
Artist   Mirza Ajanovic
Photography, Print
Expressionism, Portrait, Realist, Symbolist
Serie  Sarajevo City of Light
Original size  11 X 7

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Born to See, Portrait of ARTIST Nizar Ajanovic; (BRAIN-POP ART, Badass ART, Self Exploration …), Nizar was seven days old … His First Bath… Sarajevo July 1994… WAR… City Shudders under Heavy Bombing… Nizar did not cry… Hi Looked at Me…

Born To See, SARAJEVO; WAR, POETIC Beauty and Strength of the Human Spirit, FROM OPUS; Sarajevo City of Light, MIRZA AJANOVIC Photography,
SARAJEVO WAR 1994; Gateway of Hell
BOSNIA in Tragic WAR,
Picture is based on light and darkness counterpoints, with elements of Chiaroscuro. Strong, dramatic expression, while ... acutely observed realism brought a new level of emotional intensity, Observation of physical and psychological reality… Symbolism, Metaphysics ART, POETIC Photography, Perception beyond Appearance’s, City Life, Street Scenes, City Life and Street Scenes,
Artist MIRZA AJANOVIC Photography, Fine ART Photography,
Limited edition prints,



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