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David Owen Dudley
( United Kingdom )

Drawing; Mixed Media; Painting; Photography; Print



Title   Bakerhouse Close
Artist   David Owen Dudley
Architecture, Cityscape, Impressionist
Serie  Edinburgh
Original size  Size 16w x 20h inches Oil on Hardboard

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Price starting:   100 EUR / 124 USD

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I’ve set the painting in the middle of the 18th century. This Close shows many different types of construction techniques, it is very possible the buildings have been constructed in either different centuries or decades. When I take on this type of painting I always try to imagine I’m a casual observer to life in the close, I hope this is evident in my work.
The different styles and dates of construction can be seen by the walkway under the building, you will note it is not running in line with the building above. As I said – different construction dates and methods can give the appearance of a change of styles.

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