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Design; Digital Art; Drawing; Fashion; Installation; Mixed Media; Photography; Print; Sculpture



Title   Jacqueline
Artist   Harem6
Design, Drawing, Fashion, Installation, Mixed Media, Sculpture
Conceptual, Figurative, Mixed Media, Pop Art, Portrait, Surrealist, Symbolist, Urban Art
Serie  Special Dolls
Original size  36 cm

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This is a unique piece made with a lot of love and care,all handmade.It's about 36 cm tall.It is made of a special clay that we made ourselves-our own formula.Her clothes are of fabric combined with a special glue so that it can stay beautifully stiff no matter how you would like to move her.For the face we used a pencil,that enabled us to draw all the details beautifully.The drawing is fixed with a varnish .It can be hanged on the wall to decorate your space,this is not a doll for children,it's a special designed art object.



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