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christine petrou
( Greece )

Design; Digital Art; Drawing; Mixed Media; Painting; Photography



Title   waiting room panic
Artist   christine petrou
Digital Art, Photography

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  • "reminders" i won't forget, Christine !!! ;-)

    By beatrixjourdan - 5/4/2011 6:33:04 PM
  • Hello Christine!
    I love your three "artists" They are fantastic. Artist III is my favorite......Thanks a lot for your support.

    By katrina - 11/12/2010 7:45:08 AM
  • I love the 3 differents aspects of your artist!

    By lapointe_francine - 11/11/2010 11:54:10 PM
  • I like your photographic eye and you have a developing drawing and painting style.

    By frank - 7/10/2010 7:50:59 PM
  • didn't notice that one before so surprised why!
    the work is so intense, and the name you gave to it is just another masterpiece..... for me it's very mooving, dynamic and alive...

    By teona - 7/7/2010 3:17:07 PM
  • Once again amazing work!!! Bravo Christine.

    By katrina - 6/29/2010 7:36:05 AM
  • Hello Christine,
    With these new short stories, you succeed to share emotions, impressions left somewhere by someone..
    it could be you or anybody in this world...it is impression of emptyness,loneliness and point of no return...
    Great Art and Artist!
    I am really impressed Christine...

    By lapointe_francine - 6/28/2010 9:23:03 PM
  • "Learn to forget:. Great concept and fantastic work.
    Thank you for your kind comment on my new work.This feeling is killing me indeed......

    By katrina - 6/11/2010 7:59:53 AM
  • Great new photographies !
    «reminders» and «recollections» are among my favourites !

    By Tao - 5/23/2010 5:35:11 PM
  • Your new work is really impressive...Very suggestive and subtile.
    Recollections is very special...

    By lapointe_francine - 5/23/2010 3:11:13 AM
  • secret life of a file:Never seen something so subtile!

    By lapointe_francine - 5/10/2010 8:46:41 AM
  • Real sensitive and so strong work!!!

    By katrina - 5/7/2010 2:49:34 PM
  • Very sensitive work...

    By lapointe_francine - 5/3/2010 7:00:09 AM

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