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KoltMF Kompozar
( United States )

Design; Digital Art; Drawing; Fashion; Engraving; Mixed Media; Multimedia; Painting; Photography; Print; Sculpture

KoltMF Kompozar - The Artist: Baston'ya ( KSSP09 )  Design, Digital Art, Drawing, Fashion, Engraving, Mixed Media, Multimedia, Painting, Photography, Print, Sculpture


A Life 2 Save

Shades Of Variations

City 2 My Own

Fiery Depth

Wet Sexiness

A Recent Portrait 4-21-10

The Prize 4-21-10

Kssp Visionz Mind Glue ?

Know More !

Pandora Myst

Kritics Korner

Baton Rouge ( 2K )

2 Temptations Parade

The Descent 2KX

The Return

Massive Thought

Practical Nonfear

MMXKSSP09 Xmas Kard

KSSP09 Xmas KardMMX

The Nation Of KSSP09MMX

Reconstituted Soul

MMXIKSSP09 New Document

Testament 2 Focus

KMFK... Now Go Phish !

Molded Mentality {Corrected } ?

N Da Beginning

My Kinda City @ KSSP09

Personal Heart KMFK XI

KMFK Radiation MMXI

KSSP09 4Word Thoinking ?

Found Man ( Hollowfangz )

The I N Team Scenario ?

Safe Holidays From: KSSP09

Rocking Trojan Gift

My First Decade 2002-2012 KSSP09

No Question

Just Sayin Hello ! (HH5N1KMFK)

04 Hollow Man 2012 Skin

Spit & Shine HH5N1KMFK = KSSP09

2012 KSSP09 Orbit

4 Winds Of Thinking ?

Silenced Chatter Of HH5N1KMFK09

My 52nd Salute 2 Life&Love

The KSSP09 Grand Idea

KSSP09 Shrine Of Mine ?

.C2013KSSP09 Document Upgraded

Planet KSSP09 N Galaxy HHH5N1KMFK

HH5N1KMFK Key 2 The City

.C2013KSSP09 Limited Edition

.C2013KSSP09 Nation ( Updated )

A Portrait N Character Spirit

This Shield Has Positive Structure

NEW The Planetarium Of KSSP09

NEW Simply Because I Am !



  • Wow

    By dop911 - 1/19/2013 12:01:51 PM
  • Wow

    By dop911 - 1/19/2013 12:01:45 PM
  • One Year And One Day Later ?...My Creative Awakening Continues To Massively Absorb This Context Through A Beautiful Philosophy ?...That Is No Accident Nor Is It Bye Chance !
    Baston'ya / KSSP09

    By KoltMFKompozar - 9/13/2011 2:01:04 AM

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