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Jean Bettingen
( Luxembourg )


Jean Bettingen - Self-Perception  Photography

Taking literally the title of the novel by Richard D. Precht « Wer bin ich - und wenn ja wie viele ? » (Who am I – and if yes how many?), I am interested in the different layers and facets of my own personality, trying to deal with and to explore the simultaneous existence – and often incompatibility - of my self-perception and the societal projection of myself. This series of self-projections has been created by only using self-portraits and a digital projector.
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Me&Me 1

Me&Me 2

Me&Me 3

Me&Me 4

Me&Me 5

Me&Me 6

Me&Me 7

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Me&Me 9



  • Je la note car elle me plait beaucoup!spéciale!
    EUtopia ma galerie la video ne peut être notée mais les photos si le coeur vous en dit merci...

    By larttissesatoile - 6/19/2010 4:45:30 PM
  • superbe original

    By collakate - 5/12/2010 1:02:51 AM
  • Pas mal, pas mal, bonne pioche. Bonne continuation.

    By leonine - 3/26/2010 1:03:07 PM

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