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Seshadri Sreenivasan
( India )

Design; Drawing; Painting; Sculpture



Title   "Divine Illumination"
Artist   Seshadri Sreenivasan
Serie  N/A
Original size  14x17in (35x43cms)

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Original Painting in Acrylic on hardpressed Bristolpaper 14x17in (35x43cms)
"When the clouds that hide the face of the moon are wafted by the winds, the moon shines clear and cool; so too, when the clouds of egoism are wafted away, the mind of man shines - pure and full, with its own native light. That is the stage of Bliss... Where there is the lamp, darkness cannot exist. The lamp of wisdom once lit never dies, fades or flickers. Bliss and Peace too never fade, never flicker. But the happiness and peace that men seek from the objects of the world prompted by their senses flicker fast, fade and die. They satisfy for a moment a foolish craze. They are attained through lust, anger, hate and envy. And so, they are false and fickle. Control and conquer these, only then can you acquire real Bliss and Peace. You can not only acquire these, you can become these.
- Divine Discourse, November 23, 1966.
-Satya Sai Baba"



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