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Govinda Sah
( Nepal )

Mixed Media; Multimedia; Painting



Title   Absence of sense
Artist   Govinda Sah
Mixed Media, Painting
Abstract, Conceptual, Nature
Serie  Delusion of consciousness
Original size  157cm X170cm

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In this piece I am concerned with space, time and body. That means living life very consciously within every aspect and keeping engaged with details, lines and movement. My thoughts take me somewhere else, perhaps in the past as memories or a fantastic imaginative space, where my body and time does not exist. The process of making art occupies me absolutely and I completely lose myself in the motions. In this process there are two kinds of work that appear: one painted on the canvas, and the other being what I think during the process. Behind the canvas there are a few words that I wrote as a poem: ‘how I lost my self within existing space and time ‘Absence of Sense’, the space where cloud took the action for creation as well destruction.


  • Fantastic

    By YannSeth - 12/23/2022 1:48:33 PM

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