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Govinda Sah
( Nepal )

Mixed Media; Multimedia; Painting



Title   Trap Within-II
Artist   Govinda Sah
Abstract, Conceptual
Serie  Delusion of consciousness
Original size  120cm X 135cm

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The Trap Within: is to concentrate my mind, thinking almost every second of the time, where my body, space and time, meet and exist together in the present moment. My intricate use of materials and detail keep me consumed within the process of painting, the intention being to stop my mind thinking ahead of the part of the painting that I'm working on. My mental presence appears to be trapped within myself somewhere other than the here and now, perhaps in the past or the future. Reflecting on this process makes me wonder if it is ever possible to lose your physical presence the way I lose my mental presence whilst painting.


  • Fantastic

    By YannSeth - 12/23/2022 1:48:33 PM

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