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Mia Farizza
( Malaysia )

Painting; Photography

Mia Farizza - 2009 Work   Painting

Colours are my magic carpet. It was the propeller that turned my obsession for it into something visible. I see myself as a catcher of colours. I try to get the colours that are hiding in me out onto my canvas where they can live in the light.

2008 found me exploring the sensuality of colours and the lushness of textured paints rendered spontaneously with a lot of motion and emotion.
The combination of colours interspersed with one another was a delight. The end result was sometimes lighthearted, bold and fun or passionate and fiery.

But this year I am a contemplative seeker. I am looking for a deeper meaning, formed through abstract shapes that ultimately bring images of faces, animals and landscapes of natural, un-natural and the supernatural world to the mind’s eye. I want to trigger and flirt with memories, unseat hidden feelings, disturb emotions and seduce senses.

My work is still spontaneous & impulsive as my previous ones but now with a higher degree of control. I’ve always painted as I feel and will continue to do so.

I plan to explore and expand the technique I found with my partner in Jakarta (2007). This technique enables me to have a free-fall approach to compositing and achieving a certain lushness and dimension to the work. It enables me to maintain a certain sensuousness to my strokes, lighting, the fold & shadows that I like to see since it portrays a facet of myself.

When I look at my work, I see me catapulted into a fantastically imagined land. The lovable and the despicable sides all meshed up. I see this as a continuous exploration of the Self.

I am loving the magical ride.

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