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Volker Schütz
( Germany )

Design; Digital Art; Fashion; Installation; Mixed Media; Multimedia; Painting; Photography; Print; Sculpture

Volker Schütz - EUTOPIA  Installation, Photography, Print

Caution! These are NOT the actual pictures! This is just a sample! The actual pictures are created during the exhibition! See Concept:


2010 - The European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion.


During the EUTOPIA exhibition I want to produce copies of images with a mobile fax/copy machine, in order to hand them out free of charge to people, who do not have enough money to afford the originals. No one should be excluded from cultural life for financial reasons.
The exhibited works of the other EUTOPIA artists shall serve as the basis for the copies. All artists will be notified in advance and asked for their consent. I do not consider my copies as competition to the originals. They are smaller and have a different, distinctive look due to the antiquated technology. Above all, they are reproducible and free and thus of no value for the traditional art market! Furthermore, like all documents copied on thermal paper, the images disappear after a few years.


Are the copies really free of charge? Yes. Anyone who cannot afford originals because of financial reasons will be provided with the copies completely free of charge.

Can one get multiple copies? Yes. As long as fax paper supplies last! :-)

I am an artist and do not want my picture copied! Do not worry – we will make copies only if we have your permission.

I would like to support the project – may I pay for the copies? No, the copies are free. However, you are welcome to support the project with a small donation so that we can restock our paper supply! :-)

The copies feel strange – What kind of material are they printed from? They are made from ordinary thermal paper, as it was formerly used in fax machines.

How long will the copies keep? In the shade, they will keep 3-5 years. After that, the picture will start to fade away. Visit our exhibitions regularly and receive new pictures in time!

I am an art collector – is there a way to permanently preserve the copies? No, that is not possible. Please buy the originals.

If you have additional questions, please email them to eutopia@volkerschuetz.de

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1 - Fax copy machine producing pictures

2 - Exhibition - assembling

3 - Exhibition - assembling

4 - Exhibition - assembling - fax machine style

5 - Endless pictures

6 - Some sample pictures




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