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christine petrou
( Greece )

Design; Digital Art; Drawing; Mixed Media; Painting; Photography

christine petrou - Impressions from a concert  Digital Art, Photography

On the 29th May 2010 Bob Dylan gave a concert in Athens. These are some of the photos I shot at that event, which I couldn't resist enhancing digitally in order to bring out more of the atmosphere - conjured for me not only through what I saw and heard but also through a life long of listening to this music. I hope this gallery will serve as a small summer diversion..
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on the way 01

on the way 02

on the way 03

on the way 04

on the way 05

on the way 06

the answer is...

expectations 01

expectations 02

expectations 03

expectations 04

expectations 05

on stage

on stage 01

falling sounds

on stage 02

on stage 03

on stage 04

on stage 05

on stage 06

on stage 07

listening 01

on stage 08

on stage 09

on stage 10

listening 02

final impression





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