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Aine Scannell
( United Kingdom )

Digital Art; Drawing; Installation; Mixed Media; Multimedia; Photography; Print; Sculpture



Title   House Angel
Artist   Aine Scannell
Digital Art, Installation, Print, Sculpture
Ethnic, Figurative, Mixed Media, Realist, Symbolist
Serie  House Angel installation photographs
Original size  250 x 400 x 30 cm

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In the course of researching the images selected to feature within the work, the key search criteria used were children, trauma, war and abuse. I also used the term's 'homeless and displaced' children. The material encountered was appalling and saddening and I was apprehensive as to some of the images used in this installation piece.


  • Hello Aine,
    your Angelhouse is amazing.
    A beautiful vision and a perfect
    Kindly regards!

    By BineWeltbilder - 7/7/2010 11:56:29 AM
  • Hi AINE
    Note my Umbilical Africa and the Guernica text..Certainly I think I achieved evocations associations -persecution from Africa to the holocaust-Auschwitz where my great late uncle Aaron Frank poet author teacher educationist was sent from Dachau prior Siauliau Lithuania .

    “Anchored and Chained” (Homage to the victims of oppression from Auschwitz to Robben island; Aaron Frank to Nelson Mandela)

    b&w photograph ,digital work on duroclear transparency

    No one can murder an idea,
    Whether it be chained ,tortured and gassed

    Even though the searchlights will draw its arc across the world
    through mists and storms
    And dropped papers
    from the ivory guard towers
    blackened with their faeces
    and ashes of their cancerous smoke
    The codex will be deciphered,
    read and redeemed

    There is always an escape
    out of the earths dungeons
    Into deaths dimensions
    Where the ark in the ether
    floats and all that
    sailed upon her.
    byBasil Colin Frank

    Basil Colin Frank

    Umbilical Africa and the Guernica
    H41 x29x16cm
    Wall piece: Copper, wire, graphite paper ,
    gel, canvas, acrylic, spray ,bulb

    Words: Birth =gel, old order; new order
    Revolution, blood, exploitation,(social, political, technological,
    H.287x W106x D15cm uranium, diamonds ,gold, skeleton, gel, skin
    head; wire-umbilical cord
    colonialist wars by proxy.
    Bulb- light, new order.

    By basilcolinfrank - 7/7/2010 9:45:57 AM
  • my hearty congratulations ! )

    By igor_vaganov - 7/5/2010 10:11:28 AM
  • congratulations :)


    By LISPRUSSEN - 7/5/2010 8:40:03 AM

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