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Maria Kjartansdottir
( Iceland )

Drawing; Installation; Mixed Media; Multimedia; Photography

Maria Kjartansdottir - Touch & Seer  Drawing, Mixed Media, Photography

‘Touch & Seer’
by Maria Kjartansdottir and Jean Paul Francisco 2009

Together Maria K and Jean Paul work with
mixed media images: Monoprint on C-type photographic print, various editions of 7.
Their main aim is to open people’s senses to things that often are not discussed or
expressed in modern societies.
“Touch and Seer” are their debut collaboration.

Jean Paul;

" I have known Maria for quite a few years now. I have always admired the delicate balance in the subtlety and intensity of colour and emotion she puts into her pictures. She has a great eye for figurative motion and divides her compositions into soft tones of colour and detail and deep blacks."

" We have since long discussed the potential of combining elements of our individual work to produce something we consider as a fusion of light, colour, motion and detail. The two works, "Seer" and "Touch" tells the story of this discussion."

“As much an explorer as photographer, Maria’s
fascination and obsession with life cycles and events,
across cultures, dominate the subject matter of her
pieces and drives her to visit often remote and unusual
locations. The results are bewitching insights and
stories that present the viewer with a captivating sense
of discovery, honesty and empathy for her subjects.”

Maria K;

“I would say the main focus in my work is rawness,
loneliness and remote beauty. Sometimes I mix media,
sew into photographs and in exhibitions I love to use
sound, original music and installations. I tend to seek
the supernatural in the surrounding I am in.
Contradictions charm me, like dramatic landscapes and
fragile teenagers, remote places and different
emotions. In between í work on smaller projects which
most often have a spiritual undertone.

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