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( Luxembourg )

Painting; Photography

Myriam BARBARA-ZIADE - Searching for my roots  Painting, Photography

13th April 1975: Broken Dreams. 6th April 2009: Searching for my roots. A difficult task. I feel uprooted, turn away from this land murdered by years of war. But, I wanted to rise to the challenge. And here I am, again, in the land of my ancestors in Tyr, a fishing village on the Mediterranean coast. I belong to this land, but most of all to this sea. The chain between the two is the nest of the fishermen.The net fishes all and evething, the weak link is quickly repaired so as to lose nothing. The nest is the hope of a good catch and the belief in providence. It is also a weaving of hands, a team effort, under the light of an oil lamp, in the silence of the braking dawn.
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generosity of the sea

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