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barbara greene, mann, greene mann
( Canada )

Digital Art; Drawing; Mixed Media; Multimedia; Painting; Photography; Print

barbara greene, mann, greene mann - THE GENETIC MODIFICATION TECHNICIAN  Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting

Genetic modification ? This technician will fix you right up, note the new cow prototype with one head with five bodies, more meat, and less mouths to feed (lower right)
The .monsters on the left could be you,as no one knows what this genetically modified food can do to you. And if you don't like it you will be force feed, like the girl on the center left. No seeds grow from these plants . Why , the manufacturer can make more money and the poor farmer has to buy new seeds every year. Is this the result of greed or better nutrition?
Well I think Mother Nature had it under control. Oh well who thought of this anyways?

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The Genetic Modfier Technician




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