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Maia Oprea
( Romania)


Title   The Aesthetics of Risk
Artist   Maia Oprea
Expressionism, Figurative, Mixed Media, Portrait, Surrealist
Serie  Ludus
Original size  140 x 90 cm

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The title belongs to a book frighteningly bushy. The book can be seen, white and avid to puzzle its reader, on the top shelf. Otherwise, the entire expressionist deflagration is inspired by the famous cynical and hallucinating dystopia of Pascal Bruckner, the "Divine Child" and Simone de Beauvoir's novel, "All Men are Mortal". In other words, the painting "Asthetics of Risk" is an artistic setting of acute impressions of reading. If you wish, it’s a compendium of image reviews, in which imposes the echo still going through changes after reading, and not the critical verdict.

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