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David Brierley
( United Kingdom)


Title   The high priest and She Devil confront Jesus
Artist   David Brierley
Serie  the son of God
Original size  2.200M highx700x700mm

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Early one morning a young man awoke from a deep sleep, he felt the radiance of light all around him, he put on his work tunic, picked up his carpentry tool and went outside to find a suitable Olive branch that the tree may have given to the Earth below.

He soon found one with plentifull fruit and leaf, he cut it to a managable weight and carried it back to his dwelling place. He nourished himself, and was ready for his long trek to the leper colony some twenty miles away.

After walking ten miles, he was suddenly confronted by a "High Priest" and "wife" by his side.

They became Serpents and wrapped their short elongated bodies around the carpenters ankles their tails crossed at the carpenters heels, while there bodies crossed at the feet of the carefree young man.

The two serpents quickly started to copulate and hissed with glee. The head of the "High Priest" turned into a skull with a seeing eye positioned from the forehead, and six eyes seeing from positions on its back, with elongated arms, and long fingers it produced a clay pot containing copper fragments in the left hand and a childs head with heart in the right hand.

The serpent hissed "are you the son of god, for if you are then turn the copper into gold, and bring the child to life".

Meanwhile the "She serpent" picked off the fruit from the olive branch, and ate all the fruit, then stripped off the leaves to behold a bare thickly barked branch that the carpenter held in his right hand, his left hand was gently layed on the childs head.

Her left hand was huge and carried four iron nails, her right hand was proportionate and was making the satanic sign that they associated with their god Mammon, she was rolling her eyes and hissing.

After a while the serpents turned back into the "High Priest" and "wife" by his side, the "High Priest" said unto Jesus "men will choose to worship Mammon" and walked away with his wife.... laughing.

The carpenter was'nt concerned, with either of them because he blessed the child thus enabling the spirit to enter heaven, and only required the olive bark to make a balm to relieve the suffering of the lepers.

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