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emmanuel jahan
( France )

Design; Digitalkunst; Installation; Mischtechnik; Multimedia; Malerei; Fotografie



Titel   woman in night
Künstler   emmanuel jahan
Volkstümlich, Urbane Kunst, Realistisch
Serie  shanghai expo
Originalgröße  4000 x 3000

Original / limitierte Auflage

Preise starten bei:  60 EUR / 74 USD

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Ansicht(en)  10929  | Gesamtwertung  0 / 5 (    )

Shangai Expo is a mixture of cultures where China is moving to become the leader. Shangai Expo is a display of the new China but can this country maintain its own culture ? Towers, cars and modernity are every where but the most interesting is the daily life and people.

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