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Sari Doveh
( Israel )


Sari Doveh - Expulsion from garden of Eden  Fotografie

I started my series of The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden after I have seen Masaccio's fresco The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden. The two figures describe a crucial moment of life that was enchanting for my imagination.
Their movement, the emotions but also an almost flat architecture behind, Masaccio's vanishing point.
I wanted to explore it with my photography, and lighten that moment from my perspective.
I have used long exposure black and white film to create the figures. Than captured a "2nd layer" .
These are my visual "sculptures" of light, a ghostly self-portrait. They reflect my belief that life is fragile (underscored by living in Israel) and we are here to enjoy The Garden that comprises it until we are expelled.

galerie Weiter

The expulsion.

The kiss.

The Search


Reviews & Kommentare

  • J'adore vos recherches ! A quand la suite ?
    Bonne continuation et au plaisir de vous découvrir encore !

    Von Bozarts - 18.11.2010 11:07:58
  • Sari, shalom!
    Thank's to you for your short comment. Throught your work I know you better now. Keep going and goog luck.

    Von Pessin - 30.07.2010 13:11:39
  • Thank you for your comment...

    Von lapointe_francine - 26.07.2010 04:41:54

    Von FLSV - 25.07.2010 23:31:34
  • Have a great health to works in your future .too----and thank you your oppinion to me:

    Igor Eugen Prokop

    Von prokopi - 25.07.2010 21:39:51
  • great EDEN series! love it!

    Von igor_vaganov - 07.07.2010 01:04:13
  • "The kiss" ... Great work !

    Von DomChris - 06.07.2010 15:32:23
  • my hearty congratulations )

    Von igor_vaganov - 05.07.2010 13:20:08
  • congratulations,


    Von LISPRUSSEN - 05.07.2010 08:47:44

  • Mazaltov&Congratulation
    Basil Colin Frank Jerusalem
    Award-winner for my sculpture The Affirmation

    Von basilcolinfrank - 03.07.2010 11:14:10
  • I love your work...special and intimate.
    have a good day!

    Von lapointe_francine - 18.04.2010 07:30:16

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