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Gila Paris
( Luxembourg )

Digitalkunst; Installation; Mischtechnik; Malerei; Fotografie; Druckgrafik

Gila Paris - Between the Bronx and Brooklyn - Heavy Metal  Fotografie

This gallery contains certain images of limited editions, others are available as open edition. Dedicated to Liz. Thanks for having me in the Bronx!

Some metallic impressions - black and blue and grey - or simply between the Bronx and Brooklyn

galerie Weiter

Going to Dumbo

Thinking at Diana

Going downtown

New York Intermezzo4

I like this rainy evening

Dreaming of a hot bath

It was a tough day

Beautiful Bronx

Waiting for Liz

Hudson River

the 3 sickles

6 pm

Between the worlds

Train # 1

A detail


Selfportrait - The photographer at work


New York Intermezzo1

NY Intermezzo2

New York Intermezzo 4


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