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Nabakishore Chanda
( India )


Nabakishore Chanda - About The Artist  Malerei

Bewitching lines
Nabakishore Chanda’s paintings seem to emanate from the earth itself despite the intricacy of lines that seem to dominate them. The pristine quality of the faces that emerge from the lines startle us with their freshness which reminds us of vernal showers at times. On the other hand , a sense of mystery seems to tease us out of thought as we gaze at some of the paintings, perplexed by the serpentine quality of the lines. The subdued colours evoke a sense of mellow understanding about the intriguing flow of life, its elusiveness and its beauty.
Having his roots in rural Bengal, Nabakishore understands life both in its primal and natural essence as well as the complexities that come in its way as life gathers experience and understanding.



Ode to serenity



The wise serpent

Melting spell

Birth of Laxmi

Vortex of Apprehension:


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