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Digitalkunst; Malerei

has - funky sixteen corner  Digitalkunst, Malerei

Ink splashes and splatters dance in colors incorporates my experiences. in what can only be called multicultural life, into my paintings. From Libya to Peurto Rico and the jazz culture of New Orleans, I like to depict scenes and figures in a deceptively simple and colourful style.


Samba Saravah

Jazz Lounge

pinetop perkins

the truly original monk

Broadway Sam


milk cow blues

Boss Tres Bien.


ink spots

Mambo Kings

the funky 16 corners by night

Devil Got My Woman

Hip Drop

Love Changin Blues

Muskrat Ramble

moulin rouge

Deixa Isso Pra La

mambo A La Savoy

mance lipscomb

sunnyland slim

sunnyland slim v mance lipscomb

Carolina Slim

leroy carr

Memphis Minni

No Title

Relaxin At Camarillo

Mis Dos Pequenas

Luv N' Haight Sidney Bechet

People Get Ready

Ride Me High



Ah Ndiya

Night Flower

happy gound

history of the blues pt one

No Title


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