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Digitalkunst; Zeichnung; Mischtechnik; Malerei; Fotografie

bazil_samdani2000 - Title--bazil samdani  Digitalkunst, Zeichnung, Mischtechnik, Malerei, Fotografie

hi,friends my name is bazil samdani i am 4and half years old my school name is lahore gramer school arif jan road lahore cantt pakistan 54000 when i open my eyes in the world i saw my father work on canvas day and night ispend my all day with my father and plying with colors and canvas now art in my blood i now about colours cemestry line force and compostion--i told you one tru story one day one big collector came to my papa,s gallry he want to collect my papa painting one of my painting is in my papa gallry he saw the painting and ask i want this painting my papa say this not my painting this is my 4 year son,s painting he call me and introduse with collector man appresate me to much and ask me your by born artist this big complement for me he give me 200us doller-if any body dout i laiounge soon my web site with my working vedio you can see your self--now iwork daily 2houre in my studio-cuz art is give me lot of pawor and i feel relex and happy thanks to my papa amaad samdani plz give me your coments thanks----bazil samdani

bazil samdani the artist

gossip-oil on canvas


women with out lips


women with out lips-2-

my home

fight of clours

bride and moon

wat u think


half moon

alone women

portrate of girl

movement of buty---


i think

lost of.........

dance of colours




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