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Anne-Marie Delaunay-Danizio
( United States )

Design; Zeichnung; Mischtechnik; Multimedia; Malerei; Skulptur



Titel   The Seven continents
Künstler   Anne-Marie Delaunay-Danizio
Zeichnung, Mischtechnik
Serie  Collages 2011
Originalgröße  14 x 17 inches (35.6 x 43.2 cm)

Original / limitierte Auflage

Preise starten bei:  170 EUR / 210 USD

Fine Art Druck

Preise starten bei:  70 EUR / 87 USD

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"The Seven Continents" : The anthropology class I'm taking now at Harvard Extension School on "Human Evolution" influences the type of art work I produce. Who are we, where do we come from, what are we doing to each other and to our miraculous and fragile planet that is made out of random, drifting, changing shapes?

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