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Anne-Marie Delaunay-Danizio
( United States )

Design; Zeichnung; Mischtechnik; Multimedia; Malerei; Skulptur



Titel   Cross-Currents
Künstler   Anne-Marie Delaunay-Danizio
Konzeptuell, Symbolistisch
Serie  Collages 2011
Originalgröße  30 X 22 inches (55.5 x 76 cm)

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Ansicht(en)  11279  | Gesamtwertung  5 / 5 (    )

This piece is another attempt to integrate former works and to create a new whole out of various fragments. Using Medieval iconography, I juxtaposed the rigidity of the cross to the flow and exchange of Pagan and Christian mythology. I also (at least believe) created my own mythical figure: The Goddess of Seeds, Eggs and Embryos.

It was shown in a Juried Exhibition, "Regeneration" at the Gibbs Gallery, Arlington Center for the Arts, MA, 2011. Presently on display at the Artful Art Gallery, Arlington, MA.

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