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Crazy Show
( Luxembourg )

Design; Digitalkunst; Zeichnung; Installation; Mischtechnik; Malerei; Fotografie; Druckgrafik; Skulptur

Crazy Show - Crazy Show - Submitted Images  Design, Digitalkunst, Zeichnung, Installation, Mischtechnik, Malerei, Fotografie, Druckgrafik, Skulptur

This Gallery presents all the submitted images for the contest The Crazy Show. The gallery will be updated daily when we receive submissions.

Crazy Show

Cindy Wagner


Evguenia Men

Nikos W.


Tania Krosse

Artem Alexeev

Valdemar Cher, Sweden


mebarki ahmed

merle florence

Vivien Gicquel

eitan vitkon



Victor Angelo

Rene Rig

Charles Doucette

Bernard Maricau


oksana romanova

Dayle Ann Clavin

Valdemar Alekson

Toomas Altnurme

Elina Aro


Jacques Cauda

Dan Lavric

Yanko Vasilev


Aiste Benmeziane

Jaime Braz


Léo Novoro

Andrew Graves-Johnston

Mylène Collot


Marc Jupin


David Dehaineault


Alain Boyer

Barbara Rachko

Frida D'Isabelier

Cosmin Certejan

Lalita UP

Daraban Ioana

bonded by one body

Barry Smylie

Michael Caci


A. Rmythe

Sylvie Hébrard


philippe CEBEILLAC

Plante Serge

Denise Frechet

Amira de Maistre


Anne-Marie Delaunay


Marco Simola

Nick Katkov


richard frascogna



lihting kostrzewa

jean noel cordoliani

barbara frondel

Jesús García Vicente

Darrell Black

Iliana Tosheva


pierre cluzel

isabelle langlois

Robert A. Cantius

Angélique Bègue

Peter Ciccariello

Parush Zeev

alain paparone

philippe fougere

evelyne Terrasse

lejeune marc


Manuela Solfrini

Jean Jacques Venturini

Jiri Polednicek

Ranjit Sidhu


Pierre Chabardès

Patrick Dumas


Reviews & Kommentare

  • great painting Jean Jaque

    Von barbaragreenemann - 22.04.2011 21:52:30
  • great painting Jean Jaque

    Von barbaragreenemann - 22.04.2011 21:52:26
  • dear Iona: look here in the crazy show winners gallery.


    and happy new year!

    Von yellowcat - 06.01.2011 11:57:19
  • who won? wasnt it suppose to be.. over?

    Von IoanaCristina - 05.01.2011 15:22:52
  • adorable!!!

    Von duvivier - 09.11.2010 21:22:02
  • Alli !!!it's awesome,I remember when you started to paint... Love it!

    Von vannisa - 05.11.2010 00:53:30
  • J aime bcp cet abstrait tellement réaliste !! félicitations , ces couleurs , cette magie , cette folie sont grandiose !

    Von ISP - 25.10.2010 16:46:36
  • -- English below --

    Chers membres,
    Nous accumulons les entrées et les passons aux curateurs pour vérification avant publication.
    Dès ce travail exécute, nous publions les images.
    Dons, il faut un peu de patience.
    Merci pour votre compréhension.
    l'équipe CI

    -- English version --

    Dear members,
    Before publishing the submitted work, images are reviewed by the curators.
    It can take times. When we receive the approval we publish the works.
    Thanks for your understanding.

    The CI Team

    Von CrazyShow - 25.10.2010 13:09:08
  • My entry has not been posted either!
    The gallery should be updated on a daily basis (when there are new entries). But obviously it is not!

    Von Iliana - 19.10.2010 19:19:59
  • Hello Hello My entry has not been posted to the Gallery?????

    Von barbionit - 19.10.2010 09:36:50
  • but is the bluck due or may I square

    Von Tao - 11.10.2010 23:58:48
  • I don't understand cause i have a poor english... Is the debat are "Sex is a tribute to art or not?" In Fact, Sex is Sex, and Art is Art, or This is not Art, its a blow Job... (is this violent?) Certainly. Censor? I like the censor, cause it s a way of creation, remenber MacCartysme in Cinema. So Good Luck to all Participante.

    Von Tranxene - 11.10.2010 13:42:50
  • It depends.. what was the first, the egg or the hen? :-))

    Von dop911 - 11.10.2010 13:07:27
  • Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow! :-)))

    Von Nick_Katkov - 11.10.2010 12:56:51
  • We are not censors. This is a public space that is family friendly. Why is depicting sex in a lurid way crazy? Isn't there enough sex on the Internet? It is everywhere. There are many venues to show work with that content. Sex is often used to show counter-cultural tendencies when it is nothing of the sort. Sex drives culture. media, movies and television. It is not crazy to revert to sexual imagery, it is typical and obvious.

    Von frank - 09.10.2010 16:36:45
  • your restrictions are only in your own mind steeliver , i place the work i want to show , sexual images or violent images are only one dimention of art , your views are merely your political agenda and as such have no significance to anyone else or their art.

    Von PAOLO8 - 08.10.2010 22:55:16
  • I think the CI team wants only that not sexual and violent artwork
    are shown.
    This is the only limitation, and nothing more!
    Sometimes there are children on this website online, because it is easy to create a log in.
    I think it is not a censorship, it is to protect this small kind of viewers.
    And the second question is: It is nessecary to show artwork like this?
    In the most times this artwork is inhumane!
    The life is not easy, but we do not need to show all the kinds of dark
    and nightmare, because many people are sensitive.
    And that we must respect.
    To show this artwork, there are other platforms and websites with
    special -log in- systems.
    Kindly regards!

    Von BineWeltbilder - 08.10.2010 14:28:21
  • Censorship is in these pictures you have taken regarding them as I think about sex.

    Yes and then!
    - Remove the art that character is removed Byzantine art and art Etruscan cultures. Sex has always had a stronghold in the history of art.

    - Remove the extreme violence or horror idem, in this case eliminate the medieval painting that integrates all forms of torture (impalement; boiling oil; crucifixion scene of war).

    Painting is not a picture that mimics reality, it is and will remain a theater or the fruit of imagination of the artist is represented with his folly and his fantasies.

    Von Steeliver - 08.10.2010 00:27:30
  • In response to Steeliver :

    Just a point for you to consider and we strongly recommend you to READ the concept of "The Crazy Show"

    "Each work submitted for the exhibition should be an example of a radical shift, a juxtaposition of opposites, counter-intuitive, changes ...in paradigms, a break in logic, or an unusual combination of materials, media, color, or ideas.

    Work can be sensationalistic, although extreme horror or sexual content are not encouraged.We are looking for work that is “good” crazy, crazy like a fox, as opposed to art that depicts evil, destructive, or violent behavior."

    Where is the censorship?
    -The CI TEAM

    Von CrazyShow - 07.10.2010 21:00:56

    Or is art in its definition, when censorship is the milestone!

    Von Steeliver - 05.10.2010 14:09:09
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