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christine petrou
( Greece )

Design; Digitalkunst; Zeichnung; Mischtechnik; Malerei; Fotografie



Titel   forgotten
Künstler   christine petrou
Digitalkunst, Zeichnung, Mischtechnik, Malerei, Fotografie

Serie  Keine Angaben
Originalgröße  Keine Angaben

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Ansicht(en)  1980  | Gesamtwertung  5 / 5 (    )

Reviews & Kommentare

  • Great Gallery, Christine! The deep reds, the layers, the translucence, make your work "Enclave" especially attractive. Superb!

    Von melusina - 29.06.2011 01:13:20
  • Christine,
    Affinity I and II, boy's dream... cette série est superbe. Je suis très impressionné.Bravo!
    It's amazing.

    Von Pessin - 10.04.2011 23:55:17
  • Encounters ?
    ... à la «Petit Prince» ?

    My favourite is «Affinity I» !

    Von Tao - 05.01.2011 23:09:48
  • Affinity III:Really interesting,

    Von lapointe_francine - 01.01.2011 20:46:21
  • " Affinity III "is amazing Christine.IEmotional and powerful!!!!!

    Von katrina - 09.12.2010 07:33:52
  • 'Traces' and 'Forgotten' are ... so beautiful! And intense! I got it at last, Christine, your works are so ... Michael Nyman-ish to the eye! 'Troubled beauty' like I call it! Fantastic work!

    Von Iliana - 08.12.2010 10:33:47
  • Forgotten is really an impressive work...sensitive as always Christine!

    Von lapointe_francine - 24.11.2010 23:26:28
  • Wonderful composition !!!

    Von katrina - 23.11.2010 17:40:20
  • "enclave" is my favorite - for the moment..
    such a deep expression and emotion in the forms and colors !!!

    Von beatrixjourdan - 23.11.2010 00:17:03
  • Christine thank you very much for your friendly commentaire.Cela always pleased to receive messages like yours and it's motivating and reinforces that we are perhaps in an interesting direction ... thank you again

    Von PRussi - 21.11.2010 14:13:49
  • 'Traces', 'Enclave' and 'Boy's Dream' are very beautiful!
    'Boy's Dream' is exceptional, moved me a lot!!!
    Bravo, Christine!

    Von Iliana - 18.11.2010 12:48:35
  • "Boy's dream" is a very sensitive and emotional work. I really like it!

    Von katrina - 18.11.2010 07:10:48
  • Wonderful your new work Christine! "enclave" goes to my fav.It's amazing with a lot of redings......

    Von katrina - 18.11.2010 07:08:59
  • Tell me more about Enclave...

    Von lapointe_francine - 18.11.2010 01:43:48
  • These 3 last ones are faboulus as always..
    I love the textures and also the concepts.
    Sandy colours are also amazing...
    Enclave is different in some way and I love the essential of it....
    Bravo dear Christine!

    Von lapointe_francine - 17.11.2010 22:00:36
  • Hi Christine,
    I just saw your "Rust" and it touched me because, quite often the last years, there are times when I can feel and smell the dust and rust that time leaves in our everyday life! well, this sounds like the bad news, the good news is that dust and rust can be easily removed by a little rubbing! I consider this piece of yours superbly symbolic and superbly humorous...
    Friendly Regards

    Von JA_ABBOTT - 02.08.2010 16:26:38
  • Thanks again Christine. Very kind of you to visit once more my gallery. I appreciate it a lot.

    Von katrina - 02.08.2010 11:48:24
  • Excellent new work Christine. Different and impressive. I really like it.

    Von katrina - 01.08.2010 19:11:28
  • My greetings ear Christine, like your Affinity, somewhere in the brown, sweeting down the mouse control. (I am not sur thats an correct english, doesn't matter, tx for your comments!). See you. Jc.

    Von Tranxene - 27.07.2010 18:52:13
  • Thank you so much Christine for your wonderful comments. I assure you that you give me much courage and i need it........
    With love

    Von katrina - 04.07.2010 18:42:33
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