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David Owen Dudley
( United Kingdom )

Zeichnung; Mischtechnik; Malerei; Fotografie; Druckgrafik



Titel   Tolbooth
Künstler   David Owen Dudley
Malerei, Fotografie
Architektur, Urbane Landschaft, Impressionismus, Landschaft, Realistisch
Serie  Edinburgh
Originalgröße  18w x 22h inches Oil on Hardboard

Fine Art Druck

Preise starten bei:  100 EUR / 124 USD


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Tollbooth was built in 1591it has had a wide-ranging past, originally constructed as a place that the tolls or public dues were collected. It has also served as the council house, courtroom and prison for the Canongate..The clock face is dated 1820, this replaced an earlier clock from the 17th Century. The interesting thing about this painting is how it shows the different generations of construction work. The building on the left is modern; the arches below are not part of the original design. The architect of this monstrosity wants locking up and the key throwing away! The really interesting thing about this building is the protruding section onto the pavement (sidewalk), look at the middle row of windows. See how you have two and a half window frames, the protruding section being added after the main construction was completed

Comments wanted and Appreciated

Reviews & Kommentare

  • The "Ballantynes Close"I like a lot.
    lovely Vibrant colours.
    I also like the fact that you give all the details about your buildings,I appreciate that.

    Von lenamagazi - 16.09.2010 20:45:46
  • I like very much "Distance" on s'y croirait!

    Von soazann - 05.09.2010 20:45:43
  • j'aime beaucoup bakerhouse shop je pense que vous devriez cntinuer dans cette optique surtout au niveau des couleurs
    vous avez beaucoup d'imagination

    Von dany - 28.07.2010 16:25:33
  • you have a great style......Fleshmarket close is fantastic.....

    Von TONYBISHOP - 15.07.2010 17:21:34

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