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Anna Nwaada Weber
( Germany )

Digitalkunst; Malerei; Fotografie



Titel   Cut
Künstler   Anna Nwaada Weber
Serie  African Impressions
Originalgröße  120x100cm

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Ansicht(en)  2059  | Gesamtwertung  3,5 / 5 (    )

Acrylic on canvas, 2009
Notes on artwork: My painting „Cut“ reflects on the topic of female circumcision. Although I am not affected personally this “tradition” is still being practiced today, in the home-country of my father, Nigeria.

I was lucky enough not to be part of this ritual. Other African girls and women are not that lucky. They have neither a choice nor a voice. They are maimed, robbed of their sexuality and sometimes they pay a very high price for it, being their life.

“Cut” is an outcry to the viewer and to the world, to stop, think and feel empathy, even just for a second, with all the females of this world which did not have a choice…or a voice…

Reviews & Kommentare


    Someone scatters

    Light dust from the sky,

    Like the snow that covers us

    The light changes inside us into the word

    That whispers the secret

    In which we can be found.

    The light dust dances slowly,

    The snow covers our hands,

    Our sights are rainbows,

    And the one who scatters the light

    Remains silent.

    Von victoritadutu - 15.05.2010 22:38:18
  • very interesting...brava.

    Von supanman - 14.05.2010 16:33:19
  • belle art bravo

    Von collakate - 12.05.2010 01:07:31
  • hi anna :)
    I like deformed great work. congratulations

    Von yicc - 26.02.2010 09:54:05
  • Hallo Anna,
    schön das Du jetzt hier auf
    Cultureinside bist.
    Für dieses tolle Werk bekommst
    Du von mir 5 Sterne. Es ist einfach eine fantastische Umsetzung von Fantasie,Realität und "wo wir"
    Viele Grüße!

    Von BineWeltbilder - 22.02.2010 18:52:00

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