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Brian D. Morrison
( France )

Design; Zeichnung; Mischtechnik; Malerei; Druckgrafik

Brian D. Morrison - Collage + Calligraphy  Zeichnung, Mischtechnik, Druckgrafik

This series, likewise based on paper, was produced from mid 2006 until the end of 2007. The techniques employed range from acrylic splotches, pen & ink, colored Canson MiTeintes, old newspapers, music scores, ancient documents (for example, 19th century letterheads), often with a generous use of collage. The inspiration was often handwriting, lettering and calligraphic forms. Only a few originals remain available, but in some cases a limited edition print was made. Prices range from 440 (originals) to 50 Euro (signed prints). Please inquire for details if you are interested.
Brian D. Morrison, Montpellier, February 2010.


Naissance 1870
Fine Art Print Ready

Gestual M
Fine Art Print Ready


J'étais roi
Fine Art Print Ready

June 1870
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Au Feu

Barbed Papiers Peints


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