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Elin Bogomolnik
( Israel )




Titel   “Pure love” oil painting Bogomolnik
Künstler   Elin Bogomolnik
Serie  One of a kind
Originalgröße  60x80 cm

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Ansicht(en)  4219  | Gesamtwertung  5 / 5 (    )

People have always wanted to brighten up a little reality, to smooth the rough edges of the real life. They did this by using different expressive means. I tried to do this through the oil painting. This work expresses the triumph of life and pure love. This romantic art piece is full of bright vivid colors. Confidence in the future is the main idea of this work. I work with oil colors on canvas. I use palette knives and brushes. Oil painter Elin Bogomolnik.

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