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Shirley Charlton
( Australia )




Titel   African Faces
Künstler   Shirley Charlton
Portrait, Realistisch
Serie  Watercolour Painting
Originalgröße  30cm x 44 cm

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Ansicht(en)  1258  | Gesamtwertung  0 / 5 (    )

This Watercolour painting is for sale. It can be posted anywhere in the world. www.shirleycarlton.com
All of Shirley's artwork that is sold goes to Malawi to help those who cannot help themselves.

Reviews & Kommentare

  • Hello Shirley,
    I saw often paintings with
    watercolor, but you find a way to give your paintings live and atmosphere. If I am watching this paintings I get the feeling to be inside!
    Wonderful Work!
    Kindly regards!

    Von BineWeltbilder - 17.07.2010 09:50:30
  • Absolutely beautiful paintings! !!

    Von artemis - 17.07.2010 09:37:17
  • Magnifique aquarelle,bravo Shirley

    Von soltart30 - 16.07.2010 14:14:42
  • i like yr pics . good work !!!

    Von DHBui - 27.05.2010 13:07:43

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