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Janis Kirstein
( United States )

Design; Digitalkunst; Zeichnung; Mischtechnik; Multimedia; Malerei; Fotografie; Druckgrafik; Skulptur



Künstler   Janis Kirstein

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Reviews & Kommentare

  • hi janis
    very nice work. Congratulations.

    Von yicc - 01.02.2010 03:58:11
  • Hi Janis, there is only one word I would use to describe it "AMAZING"

    Von DritanDuro - 22.11.2009 11:10:14
  • très bon travail ............j aime beaucoup

    Von Merzhin - 12.02.2009 18:12:25
  • Hi Janis, Thanks for ur comments. Its not a sitar but its a Japanese instrument. You r a brilliant artist. I love your Abstract art. Such fantastic brush strokes.
    I'm a Designer by profession, and just recently working on these form of art. Your works do have a commercial touch I feel. Why dont you come to India and Exhibit your works. I also wud love to learn some techniques from you. :-)

    Von sunnyroy - 17.12.2008 13:47:02
  • I could not find one different sentence. Icould not express ı liked.
    ı am believing in same feelings.
    ı love your works.
    ı belive u
    my friend

    Von gurkan - 06.12.2008 10:51:32
  • Magnificent galleries !! I like all them.

    Von joanku - 02.11.2008 01:08:11
  • Janis, I have taken your 4 works in my light box to save in my heart. These are most interesting to me from all your works here. Please send me more as mail to me on tapanarts@gmail.com

    Von tapankar - 20.10.2008 02:08:02
  • Red Dance: I love the composition with African mask.

    Von dop911 - 12.10.2008 13:05:30

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