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Rom Lammar
( Luxembourg )

Mischtechnik; Malerei



Titel   Beyond Tradition 2
Künstler   Rom Lammar
Serie  Rooted
Originalgröße  60 x 160 cm

Original / limitierte Auflage

Preise starten bei:  1875 EUR / 2320 USD

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Ansicht(en)  3177  | Gesamtwertung  4,0 / 5 (    )

Human beings need to express themselves. One of the oldest means to do so is art. Cave paintings prove that art is older than written language.
« Beyond tradition « is the visual expression of a pathway that has been traveled for thousand of years.
Mixed media on canvas.
Year : 2007

Reviews & Kommentare

  • what a good artworks..

    Von knowyunduk - 27.06.2012 08:35:56
  • Superbe, je vous ai mis sur mon mur FB.

    Von FLSV - 24.01.2012 08:30:29
  • Superbe peinture. Pat

    Von etsitra - 19.10.2010 20:48:47
  • alle Fragen sind beantwortet.
    Mögen wir an den richtigen Stellen suchen und sie finden.

    Von herbertlauer - 24.05.2010 22:59:31
  • "Inside Yourself" : superbe réalisation pour nous aider à l'immersion à l'intérieur de nous-mêmes, jusqu'au delà de nous-mêmes qui ne sommes que des "passages", pour atteindre peut-être les confins de l'univers (si il y en a), tout ça en faisant abstraction du temps et en ayant pas besoin de vaisseau. Quel joli programme et quel beau tableau !

    Von GChris - 11.01.2010 14:00:46
  • Salut,
    Staark Farwen , main Favorit as INSIDE YOURSELF.

    Von julie - 30.09.2009 13:17:42
  • hi ,my name is CurryQ ,nice to meet you .I think your work is really good .May I make friendswith you >have a nice day.

    Von CurryQ - 13.08.2009 13:48:06
  • me gusta tu obra, enhorabuena

    Von mfmancera - 10.08.2009 14:14:07
  • New Beginning: Very, very good.

    Von kristianpurcell - 08.07.2009 20:42:51
  • Hi Rom..Inside yourself is very impressive..it brings to mind the monumental broken ice slabs of the arctic..love the muted colours of the mass, then the small red hot core..

    Von cslawrence - 01.06.2009 20:19:44
  • Beyond tradition 1 and 2 and the Inspiration pair have moved me, i believe they have a speciality beyond the norm,Excellent work,
    Bon Lavoro!!!!

    Von thenoop - 31.05.2009 13:05:05
  • i admire your way of painting! i find it sooooo Beatifull!
    and "Inside yourself" is soooo emotional and meaningful!
    GREAT work!

    Von lunagael - 31.05.2009 11:19:41
  • Hello Rom, how are you? Great paintings for rooted! Good to see you here! Regards, mjf

    Von mjfaustino - 19.05.2009 09:16:12
  • superbe lumière et profondeur....!!!!!!!

    Von bielen - 04.05.2009 08:01:46

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