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Florence Hoffmann
( Luxembourg )

Installation; Multimedia; Fotografie; Skulptur



Titel   Kebap
Künstler   Florence Hoffmann
Serie  Keine Angaben
Originalgröße  500 x 200 x 300 cm

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Ansicht(en)  8549  | Gesamtwertung  4,0 / 5 (    )

Kebap is a typical turkish and worldwide known type of food.
These kebaps are made out of books.
Individual and group evolution requires not only physical but as well mental and intellectual feeding.
Hanging from the ceiling these book-kebaps can be touched, one can pass through the 5 elements, feel them, appreciate their form, texture and the age of certain books.
Some concepts of this installation: illiteracy, reading, brainwashing, weight and responsibility of knowledge, disappearing of heavy paper encyclopedia replaced by CDRoms, testimony of past and many more...

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