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Judy Ueda
( Canada )




Titel   Heaven and Earth v 2009
Künstler   Judy Ueda
Konzeptuell, Landschaft
Serie  Acrylic on Canvas
Originalgröße  24"X20"

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Ansicht(en)  4046  | Gesamtwertung  4,0 / 5 (    )

Heaven and Earth is about wide open or limitless space, it is also about a sense of stability and calmness or something you have always know; like going back to a favorite spot you used to go to as a child.

Reviews & Kommentare

  • Bonjour,
    Je suis touché par votre commentaire sur mes derniers travaux...J'aime aussi beaucoup votre coté minimaliste qui vise juste l'essentiel et déclenche le sentiment d'évasion...a bientôt. Frédéric.

    Von FLSV - 24.01.2012 08:23:50
  • Thanks for the great comment Judy. I have just seen your paintings and admired the essential beauty of these scenes and the breathing space they create for mind and soul.
    Best wishes.

    Von artemis - 26.09.2011 20:21:22
  • Great works, one can almost "feel" the scenery...

    Von mikeQ - 06.09.2011 07:56:56
  • Les immenses ciels de ce grand pays...
    The huge skies of this huge country.
    The verticla and squared formats seduces me !

    Von Madeline - 24.11.2009 06:59:13
  • Heaven and earth is wonderful...as well as all your landscapes ..I love them all !!! Bravo !!! 5 stars from me !!!

    Von brigittehintner - 04.07.2009 21:49:42
  • love your art so much.Early morning is beautiful

    Von guillaume - 13.06.2009 17:19:11
  • Hi Judy , just checking out your wonderful Heavens and Earth gallery......you have some great work here ....like a lot of them .....bravo !!!

    Von brigittehintner - 22.05.2009 01:11:35
  • Thank you to appreciate my work ! I like your work too it's very beautiful...

    Von faye - 09.05.2009 16:36:07
  • i choose the "Heaven and Earth v 2009" :-) Love the colours that you used in this one! :-)))

    be well

    Von lunagael - 04.05.2009 22:10:05
  • Great - the Heaven and Earth Gallery....like it as a whole series in this composition. Touches me. Gila Paris.

    Von gila - 10.04.2009 09:04:21
  • Hey Judy. There is something spiritual in your art, in those distinct spaces...


    Von grekas - 09.04.2009 22:12:57
  • Good work. Ksenia Milicevic

    Von kseniamilicevic - 31.03.2009 13:14:28
  • Hi
    I am sorry but i do not know how to move in this homepage easely hope that you recieve my message.
    Thank you for your comments on my page.
    In myworks i am using acrylic on canva.
    I like your work to
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    Wish you a nice day

    Von abdmasoud - 27.03.2009 20:21:55

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