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Elena Yarova
( Russia )

Zeichnung; Malerei



Titel   Falling asleep
Künstler   Elena Yarova

Serie  Keine Angaben
Originalgröße  Keine Angaben

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Ansicht(en)  3215  | Gesamtwertung  4,0 / 5 (    )

gouache on paper

Reviews & Kommentare

  • Very Good Design and Color and Emotion in this piece.

    Von samuelzylstra - 16.01.2011 02:14:05
  • I have always read of Russian love of the land and your Art surely reflects this. I find it very interesting that you like my Watercolors... Nobody else seems to at this time and I'm hard-pressed to continue. Thanks... now maybe I can. The colors in your Paintings is lovely.

    Von samuelzylstra - 16.01.2011 02:06:24
  • Elena your work is absolutely wonderful!!!

    Von katrina - 11.10.2010 08:33:02
  • Vos couleurs sont éblouissantes, congratulations !

    Von GChris - 26.09.2010 20:27:19
  • Hello Elena, thank you for your comment. Yours colors are beautifull, Above the city is very nice ! Starry Night and Missing you give me a great emotion BRAVO !

    Von Bramly - 25.04.2010 01:44:15
  • Спасибо, Леночка, твой портрет с двумя глазами особенно хорош!

    Von serguius - 23.04.2010 20:49:50
  • Очень клево!

    Von artodocs - 23.04.2010 19:18:18
  • Hello Elena - thank you very much for your comment.

    I like the expressive strength in this picture, the color... It goes directly to the heart.

    Arne Rasmussen

    Von Arne - 17.04.2010 13:57:03
  • Hello,
    First I would like to thank you for posting a comment on my gallery. I have to say that I love your colours and this freshness coming from your paintings. Congratulations.

    Von rhennico - 15.04.2010 21:06:02
  • Merci pour votre commentaire. Vos peintures sont pleines de fantaisies. Bravo

    Von alf13 - 14.04.2010 21:41:00
  • I love missing you

    Von Granad_A - 14.04.2010 17:32:51
  • "Falling asleep" is also beautiful.

    Von artemis - 14.04.2010 15:57:46
  • Hello Eya,
    thank you for visiting my gallery and your lovely comment. I love your works, full of coulour and youthfullness... I especially like "missing you" and "starry night".

    Von artemis - 14.04.2010 15:54:31
  • Hello Eya:))) You've said that You need to learn a lot? well, maybe your works are not quite professional, but this is what gives them charm...I think if You try it professionally, these BEAUTIFUL works might loose their charming directness...just my opinion...one thing I know for sure, less the person studies, more direct and emotional his works are...both are interesting:self tought or academic art...your works shine with kindness and opennes, just like music:) ...aand regarding your question- yes I will enter the competition, I think it'll be very interesting...and the subject is very close to me:)

    Von teona - 15.04.2009 17:28:26
  • Hello Eya, how are You? I was looking at your work ''Above the city...'' its so adorable...I hope You enter the competition, cuz I see soooo much love in your paintings
    good luck

    Von teona - 13.04.2009 17:49:26
  • I adore Shagal!!! actually your paintings remind me him, too, but with mix of Van Gogh and something of your own, makes me want to read fairy tails, and they tell their own too...by the way, my first book of poetry was edited, and there are some russian poems too:) il send you some a bit later:)

    Von teona - 21.03.2009 19:47:42
  • woooow, its amazing! i would love to live on a place like that...so so so much love and emotion:)))) lucky that u wrote me cause i just found your gallery and im so glad i did..good luck

    Von teona - 18.03.2009 13:27:56

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