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Edward Kinnally
( United States )

Design; Digitalkunst; Druckgrafik; Skulptur



Titel   Blossom #1
Künstler   Edward Kinnally
Abstrakt, Konzeptuell, Expressionismus, Impressionismus, Natur, Surrealistisch, Symbolistisch
Serie  Keine Angaben
Originalgröße  8" x 8", 11" x 11", & 16" x 16" without fram

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Ansicht(en)  5595  | Gesamtwertung  4,5 / 5 (    )

The sweeping contours of the petals on this blossom, with rust-red and golden yellow highlights, make for a pleasing and interesting composition. The flow of the piece appears active and dynamic, yet the overall feeling is one of peace and serenity.

View a larger version and see Blossom #1 framed.

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